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Rise For Climate

Astrobiologist Cyprien Verseux and colleagues showed support to the global mobilization from the ever shrinking ice shelves of Antarctica, marching through below zero temperatures. From “#RiseforClimate: 900+ actions on 7 continents,” 350.org, 9/9/18.

For our less snowy Chester County observance, see “Rally for Climate Justice and Environment, West Chester, 9/8/18.”

As the photo caption notes, Antarctic ice sheets are melting. See “Antarctic ice loss tripled – should we be worried?,” Citizens’ Climate Lobby, 7/3/18. Short answer: yes, very. From that site:

(A rise of less than 1 centimeter in 25 years may not sound like a lot, but we need to remember: 1) 1 vertical centimeter is several horizontal feet in a marsh or estuary; 2) the rise is apt to accelerate as ice becomes water around the globe.

Sept. 8: a turning point

We keep hearing that climate change and so many other problems are reaching a “tipping point,” that is, the time when even a small extra burden precipitates a disaster.

Think of the vital bridge that collapsed recently in Genoa: at that instant, one more car drove onto the structure or one more little cable rusted through, and that was it.

Climate scientists tell us that if the Arctic ice melts and the permafrost thaws, so much more heat will be absorbed by the open water and so much more methane will be released to the atmosphere that nothing we do after that will make much difference.

September 8 is designed as a national turning point, when so much public attention focuses on fossil fuels and other energy and environment issues that office-holders in our democracy realize that the time has come to act, or else. We need to turn back from the tipping point!

This is why it is so vital for you to join many co-sponsoring groups here in Chester County.

So be at the historic Court House on Saturday Sept. 8, 2 p.m.! See details in our environment calendar above.

See the overall rationale for the national movement here from 350.org.