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Tredyffrin Rain Garden Program

from Tredyffrin EAC

Tredyffrin Rain Gardens is a program started in 2021 by the Tredyffrin Environmental Advisory Council and the TE Green Team to take action on stormwater and water pollution in our Township. This volunteer-led group has installed an educational rain garden at the Tredyffrin Public Library and will be launching the residential rain garden program in 2022.

Rain gardens are excellent for areas like Tredyffrin, which has seen significant damage from stormwater. …

Beginning on January 10, 2022, residents of Tredyffrin can apply to receive a rain garden on their property. Residents will have a co-pay of $100 and will have an obligation to take care of the garden for many years, will have to display a sign, will have to volunteer hours back to the program and more. However, the remaining cost of installing the garden will be covered by a grant the Township received and with volunteer hours. This is neighbors helping neighbors to solve a problem that affects us all.

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