Info on hydrogen

Hydrogen is a contentious and potentially explosive way of storing energy created by other means (and that’s the crux of the matter, along with whether hydrogen is the best energy to use in certain specialized situations). It’s in the news because under the Inflation Reduction Act, the US government is generously subsidizing research and models of use, and because the PA government has been committing big taxpayer funding in a bid to sponsor a plant tied to the fracking industry.

Here are some articles with links—not always in agreement with each other—contributed by several CCEA members who were present at our Jan. 21 meeting:

 “Hydrogen Folly Grows: 55% Used In Oil Refineries — Demand Will Drop, Not Rise,” by Michael Barnard, CleanTechnica, 3/13/21

“Reclaiming Hydrogen for a Renewable Future: Distinguishing Oil & Gas Industry Spin from Zero-emission Solutions ,” by S. Saadat and S. Gersen, EarthJustice, 8/21 (41 pages; see also “Summary for Policymakers“).

“How Green is Blue Hydrogen?,” by R Howarth and M. Jacobson, Wiley Online LIbrary, 8/12/21.

“Hydrogen: Future of Clean Energy or a False Solution?.” by Cara Bottorff, Sierra Club, 1/4/22.

“Environmental Health Project (EHP) Statement on the Public Health Impacts of Blue Hydrogen Production,” Environmental Health Project, by Alison L. Steele, 8/3/22.

Blue Hydrogen: A Threat to Public Health?,” Environmental Health Project, 8/16/22.

“The hydrogen bill gifts $4 billion to the fossil fuel industry, by Patrick McDonnell, PennFuture, 10/25/22.

“Biden’s dilemma: How do you define ‘green’ hydrogen?,” by David Iaconangelo, EnergyWire, 12/23/22.

“Should We Really Use Renewable Electricity to Make Green Hydrogen? Not Always,” by Gary J. DiElsi,  Power Magazine, 1/3/23

“Blue Hydrogen: What You Need to Know,” Environmental Health Project (video of panel discussion), 1/25/23.

“Cheap clean hydrogen? Not so fast, energy giants say,” by David Iaconangelo, EnergyWire, 2/9/23.

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