Common Environmental Agenda for Chester County, 2022

Download the full 26-page pdf HERE.

CCEA’s Common Environmental Agenda is a comprehensive series of recommendations made to the Chester County Commissioners by some of the member groups of CCEA plus other organizations. Thanks to all who participated in creating it and in advance to the Commissioners for their careful attention to it!

From the Introduction:

As time passes, it is increasingly clear that our environment needs to become a higher priority for us all. We deserve — as written into the Pennsylvania Constitution (Article 1, section 27) — clean air to breathe, clean water to drink, and protected natural spaces. All of these rights, unfortunately, are threatened by many circumstances….

Man-made climate change has gone from a distant threat to a present danger; it is time for us all, as a Countywide community, to do our part to usher in new ways of sustainable living and long-term decision-making….

Brandywine in flood, Pocopson, 2021

We commend the Chester County Commissioners and the Environmental and Energy Advisory Board for finalizing the County’s first Climate Action Plan in 2021, giving our County a road map of how to mitigate our own impacts on climate change and improve the resiliency of our communities.

As groups that focus on environment and sustainability, we are conscious also of working within a society that prioritizes human needs such as housing, health care, education, and family-supporting jobs… Our solutions moving forward must be creative, just, and intersectional. This Common Environment Agenda is just the beginning.

Geothermal plant, West Chester University

The undersigned groups have come together to present achievable solutions to the Chester County Board of Commissioners, divided into eight issue areas, with a specific list of recommendations for each topic. Many of these solutions and programs are already being discussed or acted upon in many parts of Chester County….

We believe that the county is the best governmental entity to lead in environmental progress because it is of manageable size and united purpose, its municipalities need coordinated guidance and assistance, and we cannot always count on the state and federal governments to implement far-sighted policies. Therefore, we look forward to working with the Commissioners and the Chester County Environment and Energy Advisory Board as well as the County’s various departments to implement the following solutions.

Backyard compost pile


Open Space & Development
Clean Energy
Public Health & Toxins
Consumption & Waste

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