Support Neighbors for Crebilly vs. Toll Brothers in Pittsburgh!

from Neighbors for Crebilly, 4/17/19

Commonwealth Court moved oral arguments to Pittsburgh!

Corporate interests again placed ahead of the people’s interests

In an inexplicable and highly unusual move, Commonwealth Court has moved the venue and date of oral arguments from June 3rd in Philadelphia to May 6th in PITTSBURGH!! Westtown Township appealed to the court to move the proceedings back to Philadelphia and they refused, saying that not all parties agreed to the move. In other words, Toll would not agree to move arguments back to Philadelphia. Of course, the court has blithely ignored the fact that Westtown Township and Neighbors for Crebilly did not agree to move oral arguments to Pittsburgh in the first place!

The judicial system is supposed to be convenient and accessible to the people, so this move makes a mockery of long established tradition and, quite frankly, puts corporate interests above the people’s interests. With a ten hour round trip, it also means that Neighbors for Crebilly and Westtown Township will have to pay much larger legal fees to get our attorney and the township’s solicitor to Pittsburgh.

We’re not going to take this lying down. A bus has been chartered to Pittsburgh which will leave from Randall Spackman’s Thornbury Farm at 6am* and return the same day. The bus has room for 54 concerned residents and it also has Wi Fi for those who would like to bring a laptop. This bus also comes with a lavatory! $45 per ticket covers most of the costs of chartering the bus. There is also plenty of parking at Randall’s Farm.

Also, some very generous supporters are supplying Crebilly Day Trippers with gourmet doughnuts and coffee. We hope you can join us!

*Location and other details are available on the ticketing site: here or via Facebook

More about Neighbors for Crebilly here

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