Uwchlan Township Launches Sustainability Initiatives

Uwchlan Township has started 2019 with a commitment to move toward greater environmental sustainability. On Monday April 8th, the Board of Supervisors passed a resolution encouraging township businesses and residents to reduce the use of singe use plastic bags and straws.

This resolution follows a commitment by the township to move toward renewable energy with the ‘Ready for 100’ resolution passed during the February Board of Supervisors meeting. These efforts were led by the Uwchlan Environmental Advisory Council (EAC), which was formed under the leadership of Supervisor Mayme Bauman in 2018.

Supervisor Bauman states “Uwchlan Township is fortunate to have actively engaged citizens who care a lot about their community and are willing to dedicate their time and expertise to help the township tackle various environmental issues. I am proud to support the work of our EAC volunteers, which will help put our community on a path toward a cleaner environment and a more sustainable future.”

The Single Use Plastics resolution kicks off a “Sustainable Uwchlan” campaign planned for the township, including the launch of the Environmental Stewards program. This is a family friendly passport activity created for area families as a fun way to learn more about our environment and encourage environmental stewardship among residents of all ages. Participants are invited to complete environmental tasks and activities throughout 2019 to earn recognition in the fall as an Honorary Environmental Steward of Uwchlan Township.

Uwchlan EAC Chair Laura Obenski said ‘The EAC us excited to host a series of educational events and initiatives to provide guidance on how we can collectively, as a community, work to preserve our most valuable asset- the environment. Modeling and encouraging responsible environmental stewardship and engaging our youngest community members serves an important role in sustaining and preserving our community for generations to come.“

The Uwchlan EAC is also hosting a community event at the township campus this Wednesday, April 17th at 6:30pm featuring Kendra McMillin, Forest Health Program Specialist with the PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources. Kendra will be speaking with residents and answering questions about the Emerald Ash Borer and Spotted Lanternfly.

On Saturday May 11th, a Sustainable Uwchlan Open House will be held outdoors at the township building from 11-2p. This family friendly event will provide an opportunity for residents to learn about local environmental initiatives and provide information on a variety of topics such as recycling, native gardening, and renewable energy.

Photo above: Taryn Steinmeyer of Uwchlan Township checks a tree in her yard for Spotted Lanternfly eggs with her mom, Paige, as part of Uwchlan’s Environmental Steward Passport program.

More information on these events can be found on http://www.uwchlan.com.
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Laura Obenski
Uwchlan Township EAC Chair

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